Update from COVID-19 Response Team [2020-04-03]

Dear brothers and sisters:

We hope and pray that you are staying well, healthy and safe during this still rapidly spreading pandemic.

We thank each of you who have made great effort to transition to worshipping, studying the Bible, fellowshipping and praying together virtually.

We as a team has been following all the developments related to Covid-19 closely. 

We would like to summarize the recent new government laws that we as a church and as individuals must obey.

  1. City of Toronto (appendix 1) order announced on Apr 1, 2020. This order clearly strongly directs that all non-essential travel outside of one’s home to stop. This includes coming to church to live stream, for choir or worship practice or for any other meetings.
  2. Ontario has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses. (appendix 2)  We note that the church is non-essential.  The church should be closed and all its services provided virtually.  The Food Bank is essential and is not required to close. (item 60)
  3. Ontario has ordered no gatherings of >5 people. (appendix 3)

While it is sad and painful that we have to close the church and transition all our functions to virtual means, every Christian is a civil citizen.  Therefore, we should fulfill our civil obligations as a way to glorify God and bless people when it does not contradict God’s law.  (Rom 13:1-5)  This is especially true when breaking the law can put people’s health and lives in danger. 

Furthermore those of us who are directors of the church have the duty to ensure that the church is operating within the law.  We do not want to be found negligent if anyone gets Covid-19 from contact in the church. 

We trust that each of you will seek godly wisdom to align your ministries and conduct within the framework of these new laws.

Covid-19 Response Team