News [2020-07-12]

  • Looking for volunteers for our church website management! If interested, please contact send email to:
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all group meetings are currently on hold. For specific meetings and events, please contact the corresponding leaders for more details. Thanks for your patience!
  • Offering via E-Transfer is now available! Provide your Name and Offering number.
  • The church has re-opened. Just a reminder to not venture into the Nursery side as we have a very strict health protocol. All entrance doors to be locked at all times. Everyone must ring the doorbell and be screened before coming in.
  • Thank you to those who have expressed concern about the church’s financial situation amidst this pandemic. The donation has dropped and the church has applied the federal government Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy on the 12 weeks payroll for the period from March 15 to Jun 6, 2020. However, the church might not be qualified for the next periods. The church is now accepting e-Transfer and online credit card donations. Please pray that these along with your offerings and the church financial reserves will help the church through the pandemic.
  • Volunteers for the 30th anniversary publication: looking for 3-5 volunteers for on-site video recording and 7-12 off-site for editing. Please contact Santos for more information.