Youth (Gr 7-12)

Due to COVID, Youth Sunday School is currently running one online class for all grades 7-12 every Sunday from 10-11am.

Module 1 : Walking with Jesus – experience spiritual formation through practice of disciplines, appreciation of purpose and path of life, experience character development

Module 2 (Jan-Apr): Scripture and Story – gain knowledge of important passages and characters, learn biblical study and interpretation, appreciate role of Jesus through Bible

Module 3 (May-Aug): Burning Questions – gain understanding why believe in Jesus and trust in Bible, equip for challenges from worldly things, gain discernment regarding worldly topics of money, sex, etc. 

Gr 7/8Gr 9/10Gr 11/12
Module 1 (Completed) Growing Strong (Navigators book 1) Deepening Roots (Navigators book 2) Bearing Fruit (Navigators 3)
Module 2 (Jan-Apr) OT survey part 1 OT survey part 2 NT survey
Module 3 (May-Aug) Tough Questions  N/A (service in Children’s Ministry) Book Study 
Module 1 (C)Busting Free Bondage Breakers (youth ed.) Every Young Man/Woman’s Battle
Module 2 (Jan-Apr) Basic Christian Beliefs Evangelism Training Growing in Christ Follow-Up Material
Module 3 (May-Aug) Money Matters N/A (service in Children’s Ministry) Experiencing God Student edition