Daily Prayer [2020-03-29]

English(1) Please remember the Friday Night Cell group (and their cell leader Max Fang) as they go through Alpha together. Pray for many to come and to believe in Jesus.
(2) Please pray for our Montreal STM team (led by Santos Chan and Rev. Ted) as they form and prepare for their August STM to North African Muslims.
(3) Pray for Deacon Howard and the English Summer Conference Committee.
CantoneseFor new SS term. For follow up of friends from Alpha course.
MandarinFor the new term of deacons. For the direction of the Youth Ministry.
ChildrenFor the spiritual growth of the leaders, teachers, and helpers. Pray for the health of the families for those who often miss church meetings because of illnesses.
MissionFor the preparation of GCGCNY Peru’s Mission trip from Mar 18 to Apr 1 (7 brothers and sisters in total). For our mission in North Africa and for good spiritual growth of new believers.
ChurchFor new deacons and new term of Ministry Team. For wisdom to face the Coronavirus