COVID-19 Response


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice!

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  • Emergency Update from the GCGCNY COVID-19 Response Team [2020-10-05]

    Dear brothers and sisters:

    Thank you for wearing masks, keeping physical distancing, maintaining diligent hand hygiene and following all public health recommendations to keep everyone safe and healthy.
    Unfortunately, many people in Toronto and Ontario are not doing these – leading to increased spread of Covid-19.

    We have been following the pandemic closely. We are very concerned with the rapid persistent rise in Covid-19 infections in Toronto and Ontario. This trend is forecasted to continue until a peak is reached in mid to late October. This peak is forecasted to be higher than the peak of the first wave in mid-April.

    In view of the rising risks of infection, we have decided to postpone indefinitely the reopening of the church for cell group meetings and worship services. We recognize that some of us had been looking forward to meeting in-person and will be greatly disappointed by this decision. We do not make this decision lightly and are sorry for that. Our priority remains to act proactively to keep everyone safe and healthy

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback or questions, please contact us through

    Grace and peace,
    Covid-19 Response Team

    TK – team lead and representing the church Board of Directors
    Rev Chan – representing the church staff
    Sylvia – representing the English congregation
    Queenie – representing the Cantonese congregation
    Edwin – representing the Mandarin congregation
    Felicity – representing the Children congregation

COVID-19 Updates

Contact Info:, (416) 499-0111 x 101
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