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  • Community News [2023-09-24]

    · Last Week’s Attendance: Cantonese 183, Mandarin 119, English 121, Children 60, Tendercare 26

    · Last Week’s Offering: General 22,527.12 (YTD 555,812.50), Building 400 (YTD 8,415.33), Special Fund Mission 160 (YTD 14,202.33), Foodbank 1,370 (YTD 13,119.65).

    · Join our Volleyball Ministry every Wed from 7:30-10:00pm. Register at Contact Terence Ma ( or Edwin Lee (

    · Got questions? Try Alpha. Join us @ 1pm at church. Free food will be served! Contact Lucas Wong ( Alpha Youth: 2nd and 4th Fridays from Feb to June. Join our mailing list: email or visit

    · The Bar Ministry: is serving singles in Christ. Contact Roland or Haidan, or visit the link [here].

    · Professional Christian Counseling—up to 8 free sessions to GCGCNY attendees. Contact Rev. Ted.

    · Financial Highlight—There is an increase of general offering by 6% in the first 1/2 year compared to the prior year. Total YTD 367,823. There is also an increase of expenses compared to the prior year, YTD 646,717. As a result, there is a deficit of 180,336 YTD as of Sept 2023. Pray for God’s provision to eliminate the deficit and the expected future needs.

    · There is a special hybrid membership meeting TODAY at 12:30pm to confirm the calling of Santos Chan as the English pastor and Richard Wong as the Cantonese pastor. Zoom Meeting ID: 89463504307 Passcode: 201

    · Starting from September, we will invite our supported missionary organizations to set up booths on the first and second Sundays of each month. September is Nicholas Chang’s organization “Youth Unlimited”. The booth is located in the foyer in front of Sanctuary A, you are all welcome to visit!

    · Natural disasters occur frequently lately. A powerful earthquake hit Morocco and floods hit Libya. In both disasters, between 3,000 and 5,000 people died, and tens of thousands were injured. Please lend a helping hand to the victims in distress. Donations made to those affected by the disaster in Morocco through the Red Cross will be matched with the same amount by the Canadian government.

    · Baptism will take place on Dec 10. If you are interested, please contact Rev. Ted or Pastor Michelle.

    · GCGCNY Social Service and Concern Committee: is fundraising for the Undocumented Refugees hosted by North-Western Toronto local churches and community organizations. Medical care and treatment is greatly needed at this time. To donate, you can: 1) donate to the church as usual, but specify “response for undocumented refuges” on or before Oct 8; or 2) donate directly to CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) at If you have questions, please contact Deacon Conrad Chan or Joanne Chan (Program coordinator of Grace Community Food Share, also a staff at CMHA). Thank you!

    · Global 6K for Water walk raised 14,333 yesterday! Thank you to Carmen Tse and her team.