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Getting Involved

Here at Grace Gospel Church, we’ve got lots of places where you can plug-in and help out…

Click on a volunteer opportunity that interests you and learn more about the specific role.  You can send us a quick note to get more information, or express your interest to get involved – right here, online!

We’d love to hear from you, so browse around and find that perfect-fit volunteer opportunity that will energize you as you bless others.

You don’t have to be an expert to help.

Ministry Opportunities

One of the best ways to get involved is by serving as an adult volunteer in Genesis, our high school ministry. We are looking for people who love the Lord and have a love for students. Some characteristics that are helpful in this ministry are high energy, creativity, and the willingness to invest time and relationally in students.

For those who are interested in this ministry you will have ample opportunity to work in the lives of young people and learn the skills of discipleship. Genesis adult leaders have an excellent chance to lead by example with love and patience as we help youth grow in their relationship with God and as young adults. We welcome all who are willing to work in high energy environments and have a heart for high school students.

Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 & 12
 Iris Hsueh Phil Chin  Shermeen Law


Andy Leung

Jessica Leung

Jonathan Yeh  Gr 11

Samuel Chan  Gr 12

Ronson Ng Gr 12

By serving on our Host Team, you have the opportunity to make an important first impression on our guests.  Many people make a decision about a church based on their first impressions.  One of the core values at Grace Gospel Church is to create a warm, authentic and non-threatening environment.  You have the opportunity to help convey that from the moment people walk in the door!  Opportunities are available to serve as a Greeter, a Hospitality Host, a Connection Table Host, or a member on the Welcome Luncheon Team.

By volunteering as a Greeter, you have the opportunity to make Grace Church’s first impression on our guests by extending to them our welcome. Your warm smile, eye contact, and hand shake, as you distribute bulletins, will let each and every person know that we’re genuinely glad they are here.
Commitment: Every other Sunday, 15 minutes before the worship service; simple tasks during worship service as needed.

Hospitality Host:
A Hospitality Host goes one step further than the Greeter, and seeks to make connections with our first-time guests, answer questions and make them feel welcome. The Hospitality Host Team members are on the lookout for anyone who appears unsure about where to go, or appears not to know anyone. We help them find what they’re looking for by providing a personal escort. Through our personal attention, we let them know they’re important!
Commitment: Every other Sunday, 15 minutes before, and 15 minutes after the worship service.

Connection Table Host:
By volunteering as a Connection Table Host, you will have the opportunity to welcome and help new guests at our church by answering their questions and providing information about our church and ministries. Members of this team will set up and put away the Connection Table and materials before and after the worship service.
Commitment: Every other Sunday, 15 minutes before, and 20 minutes after the worship service.

The Production Team at Grace Gospel Church is a group of highly-motivated, committed and enthusiastic servants who value excellence and one another. We strive to create a worship service environment that in every way invites and supports the ministry of worship and the effective presentation of God’s message.  We pray that God uses our efforts to help create a “wow factor”, and that ultimately many will be led to Christ and life change.

If that sounds exciting and you’re willing to stretch yourself, try some new things, and learn a whole lot, please consider serving alongside us. We have both technical and non-technical positions, and no prior experience is necessary.

Do you love worshiping God using the medium of music? If you feel that God has gifted you in the area of music and you want to use these talents during regular worship services and special events, we want to invite you to consider joining one of our worship teams.  We are committed to creating an atmosphere of worship that touches the heart of God and leads people into His presence.

The teams are made up of singers and instrumentalists.  We have various experience levels in our volunteers but we all serve to maintain a standard of excellence.

Whoever thinks that the idea of church is old-fashioned and boring should think again! The Creative Team at Grace Gospel Church is dedicated to help bring God’s Word to life through the creative use of drama, new media,and visual arts. By joining the Creative Team, you will have the exciting opportunity to serve God in creative and dynamic ways that will positively influence what people see and experience on Sundays.

Drama Team

Do you love drama? Do you want to bring purposeful entertainment to the congregation? From promoting church events to illustrating truth in sermons, the drama team provides a new way for the church to connect with God through short skits. Occasionally, the Drama Team may also be involved in plays during special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Creative Media Team

In the New Testament, the early churches communicated through letters and the apostles traveled by foot and by ship to spread the gospel. Nowadays, we are blessed with all sorts of technical tools that enable us to communicate much more efficiently. The Creative Media Team is dedicated to serve God through the creative application of their technical skills. This includes managing the church website and creating promotional videos for upcoming church events. The purpose is not to use technology to replace traditional methods of church communication and evangelism, but rather, to provide alternative ways to do so that may prove to be more effective in the modern world.

Visual Arts Team

Did you know that about one-third of the world’s population are visual learners and see the world in pictures? Joining the Visual Arts Team is an exciting way to serve the church by engaging the congregation with appealing visual arts.

Getting  Involved

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