History of our church

Associated Gospel Churches

The Christian Worker's Churches of Canada (Southern Ontario, 3-10 churches)


ASSOCIATED GOSPEL CHURCHES (8-9 founding churches)


Quebec, BC, Central, Eastern


Fair Havens (Bible conference, retreat, camp)


Fair Glen (Children's camp)


Restructure with regional superintendent: Central (54 churches), Western (37 churches), Eastern (24 churches - Eastern Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic)


Canada 135 churches, 25 congregations.

International ministry: Haiti, Congo, Kenya, India


Restructure from national functional committees with superintendent to regional director to work on the ENDs (Doctrine & Credentials / Theological Reflection, Church Health & Leadership, Church Reproduction, National Compassion & Justice)


Grace Chinese Gospel Churches of North York

Dr. Vokes started Chinese Gospel Mission @ YMCA


Chinese Christian Fellowship @ John Street


Paul Wong as pastor

1962 May

Officially founded Chinese Gospel Church @ Dundas Street(jointed AGC in 1963 November)

1963 Mar.

Planted MGC (1981 April independent)

1979 Apr.

Planted GCGC with 79 adults and 21 children (1993 Feb independent) @ John Fisher P.S. Vision Statement till 2004 Dec: To glorify God by making disciples of the Chinese in Toronto and the vicinity by engaging with passion in the ministry of evangelizing non-Christian, building up believers, and equipping them for ministry locally and worldwide

1990 May

Jim Tam as founding pastor (1997 September began full time at SOBEM and part time at GCGC)

1990 May

@ St. John Fisher School

1992 June

Moved in 201 Tempo Ave

1993 June

George Yip as Senior Pastor (till 2012 Aug. Then as Consulting Pastor till now)

1994 March

Sylvia Law as Cantonese pastor (till 1996 Feb)

1995 Jan.

Joseph Tang as administrator (till 1997 Jan)

1996 Sept

Fanco Chan as administrator (till 2001 Feb)

1997 Feb.

Kors Pater as English pastor (till 2004 Jan)

1998 Sept

Started cell ministry in different fellowship (Cantonese first)


Fanco Chan as Cantonese pastor (as Senior Pastor in 2013 Sept. till now)

1999 Jan.

Started Manadarin Ministry

1999 Sept.

Connie Liu as Cantonese pastor (relocated to PGC in 2006 Sept.)

2000 Jan.

Henry Mak as administrator (till 2004 July)

2001 Feb.

Chi Hung Siu as Mandarin Ministry Director (relocated to PGC in 2007)

2002 Dec.

Started Grace Christian School

2001 July

David Lee as Cantonese / Children pastor (till now) (2005 / 2006/10 @ PGC )

2003 July

Samuel Or as Cantonese pastor (till 2019 March)

2003 Sept.

Queenie Ko as administrator (till now)

2004 June

Vision Statement changed ( To glorify God as a cell based church passionately multiplying disciple locally and worldwide )

2004 Dec.

Planted PGC @ Coledale P.S. (2013 Jan independent)

2005 Mar.

Reina Ng as Children pastor (till 2006 May)

2006 Jan.

Silas Lo as Mandarin Pastor (till 2007)

2006 Jan.

Dali Ren as Mandarin pastor (till now)

2008 June

Victor Goh as English pastor (till 2016 June)

2009 July

Started Food Bank Ministry (GCFS)

2012 Nov.

Frank Chiang as Mandarin pastor (till 2014 Nov)

2013 Dec.

Frank Chiang as Mandarin pastor (till 2014 Nov)

2013 Dec.

Started Mandarin afternoon worship

2014 June

Started new structure (4 ministry committees with deacons, central board, JMSC)

2015 Mar.

Enoch Koh as Madarin pastor (till 2018 Dec)

2015 May

Danny Cheung as Cantonese pastor (till now)

2017 Mar.

Michelle Kim as English pastor (till now)

2017 Aug.

Ted Tham as English pastor (till now)

2017 Sept.